(Zante PGI and Thasos PGI)

Zante and Thasos are two of the biggest islands of Greece; although they are in different geographical zones – the former in the Ionian Sea, in the west, and the latter in the Aegean Sea, in the north, they have many common features. They are among the greenest islands of the country, with many virgin areas of exceptional beauty. The climate is mild, Mediterranean, with plenty of sunshine throughout the year, several showers of rain, and without big fluctuations in temperature, while both islands seem to have the same morphology: one part of them is mountainous, with steep slopes, rough, filled with forests of pines, firs, and plane trees, while the other part is inhabited and flat, with fertile valleys and plains. 

These unique microclimates are dominated by olive orchards. The inhabitants of the islands have grown the olive tree for thousands of years now, with their oil from the centenary trees being famous for its purity and authenticity. The olive oil of Zante and the olive oil of Thasos are produced almost exclusively from the unique olive tree varieties that flourish in the two islands. The Koroneiki variety is the dominant one in Zante: a small-fruited variety, without any special soil and climate requirements, and drought tolerance, as well as the high and constant fruit bearing ability, being its main characteristics. The Throumpa variety is almost the only olive crop in Thasos. A medium-fruited olive variety, demanding in terms of soil humidity and fertility, whose fruit ripens and loses its bitterness by itself on the tree.

The olive oil of Thasos and the olive oil of Zante have been Protected Geographical Indications since 1996 and 1998, respectively. The extra virgin olive oil PGI (with acidity of up to 0.8%, produced from the first pressing of healthy olives, only by mechanical methods, and without any chemical intervention) that is produced in the two islands, has each distinctive, authentic characteristics: the extra virgin olive oil of Thasos PGI has a bright golden yellow color and a characteristic flavor of ripe fruit. The extra virgin olive oil of Zante PGI has a deep green color, with a thick texture, and a characteristic flavor and taste. A product with unique characteristics, the extra virgin olive oil is the basic ingredient of the Mediterranean nutrition, and the consumption of olive oil with Protected Geographical Indication is an authentically enjoyable experience!