If you have been in Greece, one experience seems to be unforgettable: Greek cuisine and its recipes: so difficult in pronunciation but so unique in taste to be forgotten. Some of them are traditional national recipes, which originate far back in the past. Others are the inspirations of their creators, which have been established over time, and others are adaptations to the Greek reality. In any case, most of the recipes, if not all, are based on authentic foodstuffs from local producers, which offer real value to the creator and his or her dishes.

Many of these foods are famous all over the world, such as the olive, olive oil, and feta cheese. Others are known to connoisseurs, such as yellow cheeses, dried fruit, and nuts. The authenticity and uniqueness of some of them, and their close relationship to their place of origin, are acknowledged by the European Union, and protected worldwide, since they carry the badge of Protected Designation Origin (PDO), or Protected Geographical Indication (PGI). Greece has 104 recognized products in total within the European quality system for foodstuffs, comprising the 4th Member State in terms of the number of protected indications, out of 1338 overall.

The feta cheese PDO, Naxos gruyere cheese PDO, Thasos throumpa olive PDO, Fthiotida pistachio PDO, Zante Black Currant PDO, Zante Extra Virgin Olive Oil PGI, and Thasos Extra Virgin Olive Oil PGI, are authentic and unique products of the Greek land that are produced with the knowhow of local producers and raw materials from specific geographical areas. Become familiar with our authentically Great Flavors, and live Unique Experiences yourself as well!